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If you asked me what collection changed my vision of fashion forever, I’d answer: Alexander Wang Spring-Summer 2010.

It was athletic but refined, striking the balance between casual and edgy. The accessories were a highlight: who forgot the first iteration of the Freja sandal?

If you asked me what shoes were “the ones who got away”, the ones I’m still reeling in the shock of never copping, I’d answer: Alexander Wang’s Dree sandals. I mean, I would have, up until a few weeks ago. 5 years after they hit stores, I still had alerts up on eBay, and still searched for them every once in a while… and it paid off!!! I found one brand new pair of these in my size, and I still can’t believe it. Being reunited with the shoes I dreamt of and could never let go? Now that’s my kind of fairytale.



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Marc by Marc jacobs latex top spring summer 2015 hello elo fashion blog

As much as I try and put a positive twist on cold weather, I despise winter with every cell of my body. So I consciously skipped any Fall-Winter style recap, and am just about to jump onto Spring. Marc by Marc Jacobs‘ renewal has really hit a homerun with me – I LOVE it. Right now, I’m obsessed with the second part of the Spring-Summer 2015 collection, when the raver kid vibe gave way to an edgier look. This one outfit is EVERYTHING.

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Glow Cleanse Montreal Smoothie Cleanse Hello Elo

After long weeks of overindulgence (caused by a deadly alignment of Fall + the flu + Daylight Saving Time + Babycakes’ treats), I’m back on track, pursuing the healthy lifestyle that I love. One way for me to feel re-energized and to reboot my relationship with food to a good place is doing a liquid cleanse. No cayenne pepper and hunger pains here: only organic ingredients and healthy nutrients. I told you before about my love of Glow Cleanse, the Montreal company delivering fresh 1-, 2- or 3-day fresh smoothie cleanses right to your door, but what you might not now is that the menu changes every season. Yup, new smoothies every 3 months!
The lovely Tiffany, who owns Glow Cleanse, hooked me up with the brand new Fall menu, and I couldn’t wait to try it. The 12 delicious smoothies kept me satisfied for my 2-day cleanse (even if on the last night I longed for something to chew), especially the new “Opaline Elixir”, a velvety concotion of cashews and avocado. I can’t even describe how heavenly it tastes!

What’s your favorite smoothie recipe? Let me know – I’ll be in the kitchen, blending cashews like a crazy person.


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