In case you can’t be bothered to read a full post, here’s why I’m not blogging anymore. Intrigued? Good. Read on.


When I started Hello Elo 6 years ago, I was looking for an outlet.

I was working in fashion, had maintained a personal blog since 2004, and witnessed the emergence of fashion blogging with a lot of excitement and curiosity. But I couldn’t find a fashion blogger who looked or felt like me: someone who was half-Black, someone who had tattoos and piercings (funnily enough, i took out my septum piercing when I started working in fashion 8 years ago!), someone who had alternative views, someone who was vegan, someone who wasn’t model-size nor plus-size – whatever those mean in the real world. So I set out to claim this little piece of Internet land.

Last year, in spring 2014, I accepted a job as the Fashion Editor-in-Chief of a Canadian magazine.

It was a logical step: I had been a fashion editor and fashion journalist for a long time – it was my career before I even merged it with my blogging hobby. I had freelanced for so long that I was wary of going back to a corporate environment, but I figured since I loved the team and the magazine so much, it would go well – and even if it didn’t, it would be another adventure lived. I had a lot of fun, alternating between writing fun and trendy content and more in-depth pieces, directing photoshoots, managing teams of creatives, and seeing the product of my extended workdays and hard work on the newsstands each month. And since I was already spending so much time and energy developing the best content I could, well, there was no juice left for me to put into Hello Elo. I don’t believe in subpar content, never have and never will, and don’t consider the internet as a place where you just scream randomly into a void and then press Publish. I think you guys deserve better.

So I stopped blogging last Fall. I never put a “Farewell” post up, because I didn’t know what the future would hold. If I’d go back to blogging, if I’d start a new project, if I’d just stop altogether, if I’d reconvert earlier than expected in the drone-driven vegan goods delivery service I’ve always said would be my retirement project (DON’T STEAL THIS FROM ME). But now, I know. And I’ll tell you in a little bit, just keep scrolling. Bear with my ramblings for just one more minute.

I’m super happy with what I’ve done with Hello Elo. But now I’m ready to close that door.

The plan was never to go big and get millions of fans and followers – believe me, I’m way too socially awkward to even entertain that thought! Rather, it was to claim some space for weirdos, for misfits, for social minorities. There are many of us, whether it’s by chance or by choice. I’m so grateful that I got to meet, interact, befriend and be inspired by so many of you.
I’m grateful for the adventures too, for the collaborations, for the major brands who trusted me (from Topshop to Dodge and from L’Oréal to Dr Martens), for the kickass entrepreneurs who felt a kindred spirit in me (high five to Sauvage and Uranium), for the magazines who featured me (Acclaim! Who What Wear! Flare! Loulou! Fashion! …), for the experiences, for the events, for the invitations, for the unexpected samples, for the gifts, for the press trips, and for being respected for who I am and what I stand for. And I’m extremely thankful and moved by the community of people, friends and strangers, who took the time to read, to comment, to share and to recommend the texts, the pictures and the videos I crafted. If you guys weren’t there, I’d be better off keeping a journal, you know.

So here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

I quit the job after a year, and set out to launch the magazine I have been wanting to read for years but could never find.

One that speaks to our particular generation of creators and creatives, of unsatisfied lunatics, of extreme optimists, digital natives, travellers at heart, born entrepreneurs, “don’t take no for an answer”, want-it-all generation. It’s a feeling.

We’re called Slasher.

We pride ourselves on touching on style without being overrun by trends, speaking to men and women and boys and girls and others and them and everyone in the middle, seeking and publishing inspiring interviews with successful creatives, and providing you guys with tips and stories to help you build and live the life that YOU want. Our content is divided between Style, Creativity, Wellness and Experiences.

Slasher launched about a month ago, and the feedback has exceeded my wildest expectations. It’s amazing to do something that feels good, looks good, and does good. Moreover, that feels natural. That feels real. Last week, we published a piece on how to detect if you’re about to burn out, and a video tutorial on logo design, and they’ve been my favorite posts so far. Check them out! We ran fun content collaborations and giveaways with Aritzia and with Frank&Oak. There are also fashion editorials, interviews with artists, fun workout tips, and foul language.

Basically, I feel at home. And I hope you will too.

One last thank you before it starts getting too corny and you all want to punch me in the face.
Thank you for being part of this. Love you to the moon and back.

– Élodie


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Ces derniers temps, je m’efforce de me concentrer sur ce que les hivers canadiens ont à offrir, et à ne pas me laisser entraîner dans un rejet en bloc des journées sombres et des mains frigorifiées. La chose qui m’excite le plus? Délivrer mon manteau Theyskens’ Theory adoré du placard de l’entrée, et me draper dans sa douce chaleur réconfortante. C’est drôle comme il suffit d’avoir la bonne motivation pour changer de point de vue.



Elodie Parthenay Fashion Blogger Alexander Wang Dree fringed sandals fashion Trend fringe Hello Elo Fashion Blog Mode Paris Canada-1Elodie Parthenay Fashion Blogger Alexander Wang Dree fringed sandals fashion Trend fringe Hello Elo Fashion Blog Mode Paris Canada-4

On me demande régulièrement : “Mais… Tu fais quoi exactement dans la vie ?”.  Depuis le temps que j’évolue entourée en permanence de “gens de magazines”, ça me prend toujours un peu au dépourvu. Voilà donc, en quelques mots, ce que je fais de mes journées (à part jouer à Zelda, faire de la moto, et me rouler par terre avec mes chiens).

Je suis Rédactrice en chef Mode du magazine Québécois Clin d’oeil. En théorie : ça consiste à établie la direction mode du magazine, et à gérer la section mode comme si c’était un magazine indépendant dont j’étais la rédactrice en chef. En pratique : ça consiste à écrire (ou commander et éditer) tous les articles et reportages mode, à assurer les pages de shopping, à garder toujours l’oeil sur les tendances (de la rue et des passerelles) et d’en tirer un contenu intéressant pour les lectrices, et finalement, ce qui est pour la majorité des gens la partie émergée de l’iceberg : concevoir et produire les photoshoots qui se trouvent à l’intérieur du magazine et en couverture.
tl;dr: c’est autant un boulot créatif que de gestion, c’est encore plus satisfaisant que drainant, et toutes les journées sont différentes.

Ça fait maintenant un peu plus de 6 mois que je suis en poste, ce qui explique que je publie un peu moins régulièrement qu’avant sur ce blog. Mais, pour me faire pardonner de vous faire défaut, voici un échantillon des projets sur lesquels j’ai travaillé au cours des derniers mois : toutes “mes” covers (parce que je ne suis pas seule à bosser dessus : j’ai la chance de collaborer avec la MEILLEURE équipe au monde et avec quelques artistes – photographes, stylistes, coiffeurs/maquilleurs – absolument fantastiques), et quelques-uns des éditos mode que j’aime le plus. Lequel vous préférez ?

Elodie Parthenay Fashion Blogger Alexander Wang Dree fringed sandals fashion Trend fringe Hello Elo Fashion Blog Mode Paris Canada-2

Psst- Oui, ce sont bien les soeurs Dufour-Lapointe qui ornent nos 3 covers alternatives pour le numéro actuel (en ce moment en kiosques et sur iPad): Maxime en Stella McCartney, Chloé en Denis Gagnon et Justine en Chanel !